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Bitdefender for Every Antivirus Security In 2021


Bitdefender is designated to be the №1 Best Antivirus security software for 2021. This security software comes in five tiers of products with varied multiple-device packages for one-, two-, and three-year subscriptions. The only downside of Bitdefender is that it includes limited VPN services and no identity/anti-theft protection.

Bitdefender was established in 2001 by its current CEO, Florin Talpeș, in Romania, Europe. Today the company employs over 1,700 employees in locations such as North America, Europe, and Australia. The company deals in antivirus and cybersecurity solutions for individual consumers, small, midsized, and established enterprise business customers. As per the latest statistical data, the products of Bitdefender protect more than 500 million devices globally.

Features of Bitdefender

  1. Every paid program of Bitdefender blocks web-tracking in browsing pages such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome (not available in Edge).
  2. In Bitdefender, there is a powerful file shredder feature that is exceptionally straightforward and easy to use. The File Vault encryption feature has been terminated, but the files encrypted with the older versions of Bitdefender programs can still be retrieved if you know the correct password.
  3. Bitdefender’s password manager works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Bitdefender’s Safepay hardened browser (not available on Edge or Apple’sApple’s Safari).
  4. Safepay protects your online banking and shopping sessions by permanently blocking the browser extension. The software also ensures that you’re using a secure HTTPS session. The software provides an on-screen keyboard for you to type passwords and card numbers without worrying about keyloggers.
  5. The products of Bitdefender (i.e., Internet Security, Total Security, and Premium Security) continue to offers one of the industry’s most comfortable and best webcam- protection features. It not only blocks unauthorized access but also lets you choose which applications can access your webcam.
  6. Furthermore, Bitdefender also offers a two-way firewall feature that can be set to “Stealth mode” to ensure that no network apart from your home network gets access.
  7. Parental Control is an inbuilt feature of Internet Security, Total Security, and Premium Security that works across all the platforms to allow parents to control and monitor the kids’ activities when they enter any digital space.
  8. OneClick Optimizer features make recommendations to speed up customer’s devices. The feature also ensures the termination of every junk file and fixes all your registry problems.

Bitdefender 2021: Specifications

  • Malware protection: Excellent
  • System impact, background: Moderate
  • System impact scans: Moderate
  • Windows compatibility: 7 through 10
  • Anti-theft: Yes
  • Backup software: No
  • File encryption: No
  • File shredder: Yes
  • Firewall: Yes
  • Game mode: Yes
  • Hardened/secure browser: Yes
  • Parental controls: Yes
  • Password manager: Yes
  • Performance scanner: Yes
  • Ransomware rollback: Yes
  • System optimizer: Yes
  • Webcam protection: Yes
  • Virtual keyboard: Yes
  • Support options: 24/7 phone, e-mail, chat
  • Wi-Fi scanner: Yes
  • VPN: Yes

Malware Protection with Bitdefender

Once the Bitdefender’s malware-examining engines experience any new malware, it transfers that dubious item to Bitdefender’s online testing lab for examination. New malware marks are disseminated regularly after passing over 500 million frameworks secured by Bitdefender products.

These transfers incorporate the data about your system’s framework and how it reacted when the danger was identified. If you wish to conceal the item’s availability/identity from Bitdefender, you can opt-out of the data from this information assortment. (You’ll get the malware-signature updates).

Bitdefender blocks PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications), fileless malware, and rootkits. Likewise, it also guards the integrity of the documents and automatically duplicates the enduring onslaught from encoding ransomware with the goal to provide you reinforcement of the backup copies.

The Profiles feature monitors the operations of your device and tailors the protection policy accordingly. There are preset profiles for work, movies, games, and public Wi-Fi. Bitdefender no longer allows free downloadable Bitdefender Rescue CD, which booted a critically infected system into Linux for a total scan and cleaning. Bitdefender paid software continues to establish a similar Bitdefender Rescue Environment in a concealed hard-drive partition during partition. However, the rescue partition currently utilizes a sandboxed form of Windows 10 rather than Linux to eliminate persistent threats.

Products of Bitdefender

Bitdefender deals in five antivirus security software packages wherein the two top security packages include Bitdefender Total and Premium security software. This software is compatible with working on multiple operating systems. The Bitdefender antivirus packages’ products include a limited VPN service and cover up to 200 MB of data per day, per device.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus (Windows-only) includes striking features that protect the device from basic malware, adware, spyware, and ransomware protections. It offers function-specific features, including a dedicated browser aiming to secure banking and shopping transactions from any fraudulent activity. The software also provides:

  • Web filtering technology.
  • An anti-spam filter (that blocks every known harmful website and link).
  • Anti-tracker extension.
  • Social Network Protection.
  • Password Manager.
  • File shredder (that permanently deletes files without leaving any traces).

The subscription price of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020 is:

  • The pricing of the software is $19.99 for one device in the first year. After the first year, the customer needs to pay $39.99 for each subsequent year, $69.99 for two years, and $89.99 for three years.
  • Three devices subscription for one year is $29.99/$59.99. For two years, $62.99/$89.99 and for three years $83.99/$119.99.
  • Five devices: one year $69.99, two years $109.99, and three years $149.99
  • Ten devices: First year $79.99, second years $129.99, and third years $179.99

Bitdefender also sells an identical software for Mac package wherein the package price is $19.99/$39.99 for one device/one year. The software is also available for three-device, in one, two, and three years subscriptions.

Bitdefender Internet Security (Windows-only) incorporated all the features available in Antivirus Plus. It also offers unique parental control, a two-way firewall, microphone monitor, webcam protection, and file encryption features.

The subscription price of Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 is:

  • One device: price for one year $29.99/$59.99, for two years $89.99 and three years $129.99
  • Three devices: subscription price for one year is $39.99/$79.99, two years is $83.99/$119.99, and for three years $104.99/$149.99.
  • Five devices/ one year $84.99, two years $129.99, and three years $169.99
  • Ten devices/ one year $89.99, two years $149.99, and three years $199.99

Bitdefender Total Security offers all the features of Bitdefender Internet Security, including 200 MB daily per device limited VPN service. Bitdefender Total Security 2020 is available on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.

The subscriptions of Bitdefender Total Security 2020 is available for:

  • Five devices wherein for one year the customers need to pay $44.99/$89.99, for two years $104.99/$149.99, and for three years $139.99/$199.99.
  • Similarly, for Ten devices, $49.99/$99, $118.99/$169.99, and $160.99/$229.99 for one, two, and three years respectively.
  • Bitdefender Family Pack 2020 is the family version of Bitdefender Total Security is also available in fifteen devices for $59.99/$119.99, $139.99/$199.99, and $174.99/$249.99 for one/ two and three years respectively.

Bitdefender Premium Security is the top internet security package offered by the company. It allows identical multi-operating systems and threat protections as the Total Security package. The distinct feature included in the premium security program includes unlimited VPN and priority support, which allows you to skip the line and connect with a dedicated support team.

The subscription is available for ten devices with a charge of $89.99/$149.99 for one year.

Knowledge base (Download/ Installation Process)

To download the Bitdefender applications to your device start by accessing your Bitdefender central account. Then click on ‘My Devices’ in the ‘My Devices window’ and click the ‘Install protection’ button. Choose one of the two options available.

(Note that if you wish to install Bitdefender on the device you’re currently operating from, click the ‘Protect this device.’ On the other hand, if you select to install the software on another device, click the ‘Protect other devices’ and select the corresponding operating system. Then click ‘Continue’ and type your e-mail address in the field, and click send.) After successfully following the steps mentioned above, your download process will complete.

To install Bitdefender software to your device, wait for the download to finish, after which run the installer. You will see a download window and an install window. Start by selecting your desired installation language click ‘install’ to confirm your preferences and begin the installation process. Once the process is completed, a summary of the installation will display. If any active malware were detected and removed during the installation, the system would reboot automatically.



  • Discounted multi-year, multidevice subscriptions.
  • The software offers numerous functions, features, and app-specific protections.
  • Bitdefender can operate on fifteen devices.
  • MacOS separate solutions are available.


  • Limited VPN services.
  • No identity/ anti-theft protection.

Source :- Bitdefender for Every Antivirus Security In 2021

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